FaceApp Epidemic


FaceApp Epidemic

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Millions of images uploaded to Social Media with the arisen trend of #AgeChallenge has now created a huge buzz on security concerns around the world.

Russian based FaceApp which was initially launched in 2017 and the “age filter” of the app became a global trend which allows people to predict their older faces using AI. This became a social media epidemic within few hours across most of the countries in the world.

As per similar web data, FaceApp was ranked #1 on google play store in Russia as a “new on top 100 list” where in the UK it was ranked #2 and in the USA at #7 by the 16th of July.

As per similar web data, FaceApp was ranked #1 on google plays store in Russia as a “new on top 100 list” on 16th of July where in the UK it was ranked #2 and in the USA at #7.


As a result, this social media epidemic became a key topic in terms of security concerns and BuzzFeednews.com reported that yesterday (17th of July) US Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer wrote to FBI and Federal Trade Commission asking FBI to “assess whether the personal data uploaded by millions of Americans onto FaceApp may be finding it’s way into the hands of the Russian government, or entities with ties to the Russian government” and FTC to consider whether there are adequate safeguard in place to prevent the privacy of Americans using this application.


Even though Russian based FaceApp became the talk of the town with data and privacy these security and privacy concerns are associated with most of the apps including US-based Google and Facebook as well.

However, according to Washington Post’s conversation with CEO of FaceApp, he has said government authorities in Russia do not have access to these photos or even they don’t sell or share any user data with any third parties.

However, it is very important for Sri Lankans who easily get attracted to any of these trends and also having a lesser consideration of data and privacy, to be extra careful when you are allowing access to your private data to any of these apps.

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